Welcome. Dealing with chronic pain is ever consuming. It takes all we have and then some. No one understands unless they too deal with pain day after day. It takes a great toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally. Join me as I trek along and share some thoughts about how to have a life despite chronic pain.



Pain-“A Distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli, such as stubbing a toe, burning a finger or putting alcohol on a cut”. This is Wikipedias definition. I laugh at this description for I know pain to be a very scary monster that never leaves and damages ever aspect of your life. If you live with pain then you understand what I’m saying. A stubbed toe? Ha ….often times I don’t even feel that. It is so minute compared to the daily pain that I deal with. The issue is that no one understands. No one! Even those who have chronic pain do not have the same pain as you. People can only see the sides of pain that we choose to show them. The fact is I look perfectly normal; yet if you could see how intense my pain is I would be a hideous looking creature that would scare your children.

If you deal with pain come ride along with me as I try to make some sense of how to have a life despite the agonizing pain I deal with each day. There HAS to be a secret: some unknown solution. But I’ve tried it all. Everything conventionally and unconventionally known to mankind to help with pain.

The ugly fact is that many deal with unrelenting pain and there are no answers for us. Lets take a journey into this dreadful topic and try to learn what we can to have the best life despite our daily pain. We must stand together and not let this go unnoticed or be downplayed. I know if my doctor could feel my pain for five minutes his whole attitude would change. How can we help others understand? What can be done to help us feel better? How can we live day after day with agonizing pain?  This is my journey and I want you with me as we navigate the murky waters of the world of chronic pain.


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